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Marbles For MS was the idea of then 5-year old Connor Grossman. Connor is sort of a big picture guy who one day came up with an idea to raise money to help his mother who suffers from the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Connor wanted to sell his artwork to help find a cure to fix his mom and everyone with MS. 

Connor's older brother Jackson is now Production manager for the project and together, they make paintings by placing paper in the bottom of a cigar box. They dip the marbles in paint and then into the box one at a time.  Then close the lid and shake like crazy. 

Some of the resulting pictures can be seen on this page. You can also go to the gallery for a larger sampling. Each design is different and colors vary.  Connor named his project "Marbles For MS."

Connor's Goal:

Connor is selling his artwork to raise money for the National MS Society. Since March 2011, he has raised over $70,000.  Proceeds from these sales benefit the MS Society.  Connor would like to expand his project to reach as many people as possible.  If you have a gallery, shop or are a promoter and would like to help get the word out (maybe sell Connor's Artwork, bookmarks or greeting cards), please send us an email. You can also print this page (in color if possible) and hang it where you work, in your lunch room on your library bulletin board - anywhere we can reach more people and share Connor's story.


March 28, 2014 - On the 3rd anniversary of Marbles4MS, 'Scholastic' publishes an article about the boys in the April edition of "Parent and Child"

March, 2014 - To celebrate MS Awareness Month, Connor and Jackson open a store on Cafe Press!

November, 2013 - The dashing duo present their newest big idea - marbled wine glasses.

August, 2013 - Connor and Jackson are awarded Rochester Youth citizens of the year.

April, 2013 - Connor and Jackson release another big idea - marble painted vases.

February, 2013 - Connor and Jackson auction a painting for $1150 at MaSquerade in Tampa.

January, 2013 - Connor is awarded a scholarship from Heart of America.

October, 2012 - Marbles4MS release their 2012 Holiday cards.

October 4, 2012 - Following a 10 month wait, Marbles4MS becomes an offical non-profit corporation.

September, 2012 - Marbles4MS release their newest product - marble Christmas ornaments.

September, 2012 - Marbles4MS marble paint a ceramic mask to be autioned off by the Al Sigl Community of Agencies.

September, 2012 - Marbles4MS donate a large marble painted canvas to the MS Center of Excellence in Omaha, Nebraska.

September, 2012 - Marbles4MS raises close to $1,000 at the Naples Grape Fest

August, 2012 - Marbles4MS raise dollars and awareness at the Dansville Hot Air Balloon Fest

August, 2012 - Connor and Jackson are featured in the 'Artists in Action' demonstration series at Artizann's Gallery in Naples, NY.

August, 2012 - Marbles4MS attends 'Spellbound' in Canandaigua. With the help of entertainer David Osmond, they auction their biggest painting yet for $650.00!

August, 2012 - Marbles4MS helps the Al Sigl Center celebrate it's 50th anniversary at a Rochester Redwings game!

July, 2012 - Connor and Jackson start a new contest on Facebook. Be the first to guess what the boys have painted every Monday morning and win a Marbles4MS prize!

May, 2012 - Connor and Jackson design a special card for Mother's day!

Apr, 2012 - Marbles4MS celebrates its' 1-yr anniversary with a pancake breakfast at Don's original in Penfield. That's over $2,500 closer to a cure!

Apr, 2012 - Marbles4MS finds a new supporter in the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse team! Thanks guys!

Apr, 2012 - Order your Marble4MS bike jersey, designed by Connor, Jackson and Primalwear!

Mar, 2012 - New thank you cards released for MS Walk and Bike events.

Mar, 2012 - Connor and Jackson raise over $10,000 for the MS Society San Antonio chapter!

Mar, 2012 - Connor and Jackson release marble painted bookmarks to celebrate MS Awareness month.

Jan, 2012 - Connor and Jackson will be honored at the Upstate New York MS Society's 'On the Move Luncheon' on March 16, 2012!

Jan.19, 2012 - Connor and Jackson have been invited to San Antonio, Texas to help kick off their annual MS Walk on March 3, 2012!

Dec.31, 2011 - #Give10 awards Marbles4MS it's final donation for the year as 'most inspiring story in 2011'!  Thanks #Give10!

December 2011 - Parkleigh and Artizanns sell Connor's notecards and paintings - over $3,000 for the holiday season!!

December 2011 - Connor meets with his school principal, 1 on 1, to discuss his project. Read her impressions of the interview.

November 2011 - Connor and Jackson release a line of holiday cards and design a very special New Year's card for the National MS Society's C.E.O.

November 2011 - We're thrilled that Primalwear will be receiving Connor's first 'full signature' painting!  (That's 'Connor MacQuarrie Grossman!)  In return, Primal is designing bike jerseys for us.  We can't wait.  So who's up for a national Marbles4MS bike team??

November 2011 - Connor and family are invited to the National MS Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Here's our little speech (after a wonderful standing ovation for the boys). What an adventure!

November 2011 - Connor and Jackson auction paintings at the Upstate New York dinner of Champions in Buffalo, New York. They meet their NFL heroes!

August 2011 - Connor and Jackson auction their artwork for the first time at the MS event 'Spellbound' in Canandaigua, New York. This one is a must see!(the picture isn't great, but the audio is pretty funny)

August 11, 2011 - Connor receives kudos from the Monroe County Legislature

March 2011 - Marbles4MS is born.  Connor's first painting is sold online.  His goal is $2,500 for the National MS Society so 'the scientist guys can find a cure for his Mom and everyone with MS'. Here's how it all started.


Thank you so much to the great businesses supporting us! We couldn't do it without you!


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